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Shopping for quality watches should be an exquisite experience. If you are looking for the utmost in quality, then Authentic Piaget Watches are the answer to your search. Piaget Watches were born in Switzerland, the creation of Georges Èdouard Piaget who first started crafting pocket watches and designing high-precision clock movements on his family farm in 1874 in the small Swiss village of La Cóte-aux-Fées . In 1911, Georges Èdouard’s son, Timothèe Piaget, took over the business and the legacy of Piaget Watches’ expertise in the field of ultra-thin movements was established. The brand has remained a worldwide symbol of excellence for decades. Piaget Watches are renowned for their fine craftsmanship and long-term reliability. Piaget is unlike many other watch manufacturers as they design, develop and manufacture all of their own movements. All external components of Piaget Watches are manufactured entirely in-house at the engineering and development offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Piaget Watches come in designs for the sophisticated man and woman. Piaget Watch collections include the Black Tie, the Antiplano, the Possession and the Piaget Polo. Authentic Piaget Watches are crafted from superior materials including gold, silver and diamonds and are designed with the intention to complement any fashion forward wardrobe. Cutting edge technology joins with a delicate touch and ancestral expertise to create brilliant timepieces that are truly works of art. Each time a new Authentic Piaget Watch design is released, it represents nearly a year of design and development. This process starts with preliminary designs, presented as gouache drawings, and then moves on to employ three dimensional models and then prototypes. Piaget Watch engineers and designers work in close collaboration to bring each new design to life. Authentic Piaget Watches also incorporate the delicate art of enameling. Piaget Watches combine several different enameling techniques such as, cloisonné, champlevé, flinqué and miniature painting to create one of a kind timepieces.

If you are shopping for a superior watch that will impress you and everyone else for years to come, you need an Authentic Piaget Watch. If you live in the Chicago area, then you can find a wide selection of Authentic Piaget Watches at Merry Richards Jewelers. Merry Richards Jewelry is an authorized dealer of Piaget Watches and this retailer has two convenient locations in the Chicago metropolitan area, Oakbrook Terrace and Glenview. At Merry Richards Jewelers, you can ensure that you will be buying Authentic Piaget Watches.

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