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In the Chicago area, Merry Richards Jewelry is the place to shop Omega watches in comfort and style. In this inviting establishment, a staff of highly trained salespeople helps knowledgeable customers acquire suitable watches from an extensive and varied inventory. A better selection cannot be found anywhere in Chicagoland. More than one investor acquired the first treasured element of his or her collection during a visit to this exclusive store. The Merry Richards shops also offer a broad selection of luxury accessories to complete any ensemble. The selection ranges from distinctive Hermes jewelry to magnificent Mont Blanc pens. Every single item you will find here has been carefully curated, and was chosen to complement the impressive timepiece of a well-dressed man or woman of accomplishment. 

The Omega watch itself has long been recognized around the world as an icon of elegance and quality. It is known for precision and durability, the hallmarks of enduring style. The Omega is also an investment purchase, long passed down through generation after generation. This special watch, designed and hand made in Switzerland, will accent any attire magnificently, assuring its owner is appropriate on any occasion, from fashionable to comfortably casual. Speaking without words, an Omega watch tells the world you are a person of taste and distinction. Few can afford to own a watch of this quality, but anyone can wear one well. That is because every Omega is far more than a watch; it is a piece of history on the wrist. This historic watch, first manufactured in 1848, marks its fortunate wearer as a person of achievement.

Since 1985, Merry Richards Jewelry has always carried the ultimate selection of Chicago Omega Watches, along with other noted luxury watch brands such as Oris and Piaget. Stop by our comfortable stores in Oakbrook Terrace and in Glenview to feast your eyes on that special embellishment you will find nowhere else. At Merry Richards, you will also find the most knowledgeable and accommodating sales staff, each person equipped with years of experience in fine jewelry and a genuine love of rare craftsmanship and high design. Take a vacation from your day in one of our handsomely designed stores. You will enjoy an exceptional shopping experience amid a superior selection of fine watches and other luxury accessories. Our staff will be delighted to welcome you and to help you find that special timepiece to accentuate your personal style.

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