Jewelery store with the best jewels

Affectionately nicknamed the “Windy City” for decades, Chicago has always had a special kind of sparkle. A historic backdrop for politics, industry, and the performing arts, it’s no surprise that it has a jewelry industry to match. Chicago jewelry stores have a special kind of flair that tend reflect the city itself - one of sophistication and class while remaining firmly offbeat from any other city in the world. The only disadvantage to visiting a jeweler in Chicago is that there’s so many fantastic jewelers to choose from, which can make selecting the perfect piece of jewelry overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few jewelers in Chicago that stand out above the rest, making them the go-to destinations when setting out to find that special piece of jewelry for yourself or that special someone in your life. 

Many of the top Chicago jewelry stores can be found nestled right outside the hustle and bustle of the city, each offering their own unique specialty. Whether you’re looking for the clearest diamond or the pearl with the perfect luster, Chicago jewelry stores can provide. If you’re looking for the finest cut diamond, look no further than Merry Richards Jewelers. Established in 1985 in the historic “Jeweler’s Row” of Chicago, Merry Richards Jewelers has become known as a top jeweler in Chicago and boasts two locations in the picturesque areas of Oakbrook Terrace and Glenview. A family-owned company, they offer top-tier service and merchandise – including GIA Certified diamonds – that makes them one of the crown jewels of city’s jewelry industry. They continue to expand, becoming a part of the rich tapestry of the city’s long-standing jewelry industry and reputation for unique pieces that can be passed on through generations. 

If you’re looking for Chicago Jewelry Stores that are a bit closer to the heart of the city but offer the same top-tier service as Merry Richards, head over to Jeweler’s Row, home to over 30 jewelry stores and diamond dealers that offer everything from timepieces to engagement rings. Some stores have a history as rich as the city itself, having started by many of families and individuals who immigrated to the city in the early 1900’s. Many of these stores started with a particular specialty and grew over time to include a wide selection of breathtaking pieces. While natives of Chicago have the upper hand of seeing these fine wares in person, visitors are eager to make purchases while they are in town, knowing it’s not everyday they get the unique offerings of jewelers in Chicago.

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